*READ FIRST* Membership Application Template

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*READ FIRST* Membership Application Template

Post by Eleanor on Fri May 22, 2015 5:54 pm

Here's a small application that you guys can copy and paste, and create your own application to join the guild.

Name(The one you will be using in open beta):
Prefered Class(The one you pick for open beta, leave undecided if undecided):
Classes Played Before:
Mic?(We do not accept members w/o mics): Y/N
Level(Highest reached in CBT, does not affect application):
What you're here for:
Who recruited you(Eleanor, in most cases):
Small Bio:

And thats all! We are a super friendly hands on guild, and we love new players, we are constantly expanding and becoming better and better each day. We are currently rank 12 out of 115 guilds, and thats really good! Soon to be in the top 10, we aren't very far. We've been playing closed beta since day 1 and we can offer help for questions extremely easy. Once OB(open beta) is released we have intentions of being a very heavy PvP (meaning battlefields, arena, VERY hostile guild PvP, and Valhalla) as well as heavy PvE. We accept all levels, so long as the member has a mic and is relatively active. We are a very great guild, and we love our members, and we'd love to have you! Join us today as we expand across the continent, glorifying our spot to be the #1 Guild!

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