HI. New to the game.

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HI. New to the game.

Post by Kaizen on Wed May 27, 2015 4:12 am

Hi. My name is KaiZen(usually what i'd been using for most of my ingame id). I'd been playing FPS or DOTA for most of my time now, but plan on joining EOS once the ob start. I saw the guild post on the EOS forum and notice you guys are more into endgame PVP and use TS3, which is usually how i prefer to play MMORPG. I am willing to contribute to the guild on how i see fit(i am a team player man~ yea~), will start trolling once i get to kno everyone better, and usually follows the guild rules... nah... so...

Got a few Q's:
i was wondering if i could slip in on TS3 and see how things are b4 OB start just to get a hang of how most things are for this game.
wat's the age range for most of the members?
any hot chicks?
Will love to know more about the guild. Thx.

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