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Application Form - Morrighan

Post by Morrighan on Wed May 27, 2015 11:29 pm

Application for Vanguard Guild -

Name: Morrighan

Preferred Class: Sorceress

Classes Played Before: Guardian, Sorceress, Archer

Mic?: Yes

Level:12(2 hours max in cbt NA) 45(If I remember correctly - Thai OBT)

Why did you decide to join us?: I heard you all were pretty awesome and I have spoken to a few other members on the shoutbox on Aeria forums - EoS. I am also on RC as we speak and people seem to be pretty laid back, pretty mature. So, I am putting this in as my application to hopefully be apart of your guild. ^_^
Who recruited you?: I was recruited by Roshi originally, but later talked to Winter(Valest in shoutbox.)

Small Bio: I'm not really all that interesting. I game a lot. Pretty intelligent I am told and I believe that as well. People who are pretty 'real'(I want to say) usually are okay with me. I mean, I guess some people could call them mature, but I don't really know. I try to be respectful to people and start every one off with a clean slate. Obviously, I don't believe 100% equality will work, but equity and equality.. I am all for it. I really hope I will not be a bother to any of the guild members and I hope you accept me into the guild. I also hope we will be able to game together and have fun. ^_^ PS: I really like pizza. Razz

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